Episode 33

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29th Apr 2024

3 Simple Ways to Help Students & Teachers Avoid Burnout During State Testing (work-life balance in education)

Are standardized tests really the best way to measure a student's potential? (Duh, No!)

Step into the world of high school teacher Teagan as she navigates the challenges of teaching during standardized testing week. Discover the resilience of her students and the deeper lessons learned beyond the scores.

In this episode, you'll gain insights into the realities of teaching during standardized testing and learn valuable lessons about student resilience, empathy, and the true measure of success in education.

Ready to uncover the untold stories behind standardized testing? Tune in now to gain a fresh perspective on education and the incredible journey of high school teaching.

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Teacher Tales: The Teacher’s Guide to Overcoming Burnout & Time Management
Why is burnout destroying education? Many educators feel like support is waning and the situation is only getting worse.
This show is for exhausted educators who realize change is necessary to carry on in the field they love without sacrificing the life they live.
This show will teach you actionable steps to help you overcome burnout before it's too late, give you practical advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of being an educator, and help you uncover essential skills needed to be successful in the changing world of education.
Through parent calls, countless emails, and pointless meetings; Tony lives the difficult life of being a teacher, rather than waiting for help he's decided to use his experience (and the experience of others) to bring the help that's desperately needed to his fellow educators.
Tune in every Monday and Thursday for impactful insights into overcoming burnout in the time it takes you to get ready for work.
The answers you're looking for start with Episode 1, where it all begins.
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